Hello Friends! This blog is about 3 books in a series called Anna and Elsa sisterhood is the strongest magic. In the first book, 'All hail the queen', Elsa is getting used to the villagers. But every time she approaches them, they just bow and run off again. Elsa thinks they're treating her much too queenly. So when Elsa discovers one morning that the entire village of Arendelle wants an audience, she tries to do it all on her own, but she can't. Who will help her? I will tell you the story later. In the second book, 'Memory and Magic', Anna finds she can only remember Elsa's magic when she became queen. When she tries to remember before Elsa became queen, she could only remember laughter and snow. Anna finds a eager young troll that seems able to restore her memories. Will he restore them? Or will Anna be doomed to not remember any magic from when she was a child? This also I will tell you later. In the third book, 'a warm welcome,' Olaf tells Elsa all about the village of Eldora. He heard the ice harvesters talking about it, where it's always summer. There is a queen there, and Elsa thinks she might have summer powers. Olaf told her about the summer queen. Elsa wondered if she couldn't control her powers. That called for a voyage! So, i hope you buy theses books as soon as you can. I am very eager for you to read them. Au revoir. 


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