Hello once more! This blog is about the second book in the Elsie Dinsmore series. I have 12 of them and I enjoy them quite a bit. I've read three of them and yesterday I read the 1st chapter of the 4th Elsie Dinsmore book: Elsie's Womanhood. I chose to skip the 1st Elsie Dinsmore book because it was, oh, so depressing. It broke my heart when I read it. But, the next book was a bit less depressing. Here is my favorite part from the 2 book: 'Oh, papa! I'm so glad we're home!' exclaimed Elsie. 'Yes, dear. I'm glad too. That was not a good vacation,' replied her father. 'Elsie, do you think I should marry again? Assuming you need a mother is a thing I do every day!' Elsie laughed. 'But of course, Papa! I need a mother as much as you need a wife!' Her father smiled. 'I love you, Elsie,' he said. 'I love you as well, Papa,' she said. That is my favorite part of the book. Also in the book, Elsie's rude uncle, Arthur, pushes her down a hill! (Just so you know, Arthur is a boy!) She hurts her foot and her back aches. Arthur, however, is locked in his room until he can be sent to school, away from the place he can harm Elsie. He pushed her down the hill because earlier he had asked her for money and she had said no. The Roman numerals they use are easy to read: I = 1 
V = 5 and X = 10. I use them myself sometimes. But, I am sorry to say, that this is where the bus stops. In my next blog, you'll learn a little history. Goodbye!


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